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An entrepreneur must meet several challenges to achieve success. Proper recruitment is one of such challenges. Here, solid knowledge of the Social Security legislation and the relationship between employer and employee make all the difference.

This is one of B&G‘s fields of expertise, and we assist our clients through:


  • Consulting Services - Labor and Social Security issues


  • Hiring Process and Benefit Plan - Analysis of Benefit Plans for both Brazilians and foreigners from a legal, tax and social security point of view, including Profit Sharing and Stock Option;


  • Outsourcing - structuring and planning for hiring contractors;


  • Workplace Environment Rules and Regulations - Advice on development of policies and rules to be observed by both in-house employees and contractors;


  • Noncompetition Covenant and Confidentiality Agreement - structuring of noncompetition covenant and confidentiality agreement for key positions in the company


  • Dismissals - assistance to negotiate with unions, and to draft voluntary exit and variable compensation plans




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