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B&G’s Litigation Division is responsible for all judicial and administrative cases according to their practice areas.

The attributions of the Litigation Division at B&G go much beyond simply filing actions, defenses and control process deadlines. In order to accomplish that, our professionals go through rigorous training to understand the importance of discussing financial and administrative effects with the clients.

Our services encompass:

Tax - judicial and/or administrative actions aiming at:


  • reimbursement of unduly paid values


  • non-submittance to unconstitutional and/or illegal norms


  • cancellation/write-off of undue debts and issuing of a Tax Clearance Certificate.


  • guidance and follow-up to meet inspection requirements


  • legal opinion and advice


  • analysis of legal and financial viability of processes


  • assessment of process contingencies and options for paying/reducing debts and either obtaining credits or proving claim credits.


  • Drafting of Administration Inquiry, setoff statements, refund and reimbursement requests, and application for Special Regimes.

Corporate Law - judicial and extrajudicial corporate disputes

Contract Law - judicial and extrajudicial contractual disputes

Real Estate Law - judicial and extrajudicial real estate disputes

Environmental Law - judicial and extrajudicial environmental disputes

Succession Law - handling of small-estate probate, probate proceedings and distribution.

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