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Experience underlies any business transaction that involves acquisition or alienation of companies or assets.

B&G’s Mergers and Acquisitions Department is experienced in such operations. We assist our clients through:


  • Operation structuring - sorting out of assets which are not related to the negotiation and definition of strategies to minimize succession risks and optimize tax burden


  • Contract Drafting, Analysis and Negotiation - assistance for contracts related to operation (Memorandum of Understanding, Confidentiality Agreement, Stock or Assets Purchase Agreement, and so on)


  • Due Diligence - legal auditing to verify assets and contingent liabilities


  • Data Room - strategy to keep information and operation confidentiality and to control access to disclosed material


  • Structuring of Guarantees - definition of a structure and assets that will guarantee contingent liability or the purchase price


  • Post-transaction advice and support - follow-up of executed contracts, specially concerning contingent liability and specific performance


  • Litigation - judicial and extrajudicial disputes arising from operation

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