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Improvements in environmental and urban law and also restrictions to ownership and use of rural areas make real estate issues more complex each day.

B&G's technical know-how makes investments and projects possible through practical and clever solutions.

Our services encompass:


  • Consulting - planning and legal assistance in real estate issues


  • Real estate purchase, sale and exchange - drafting and analysis of contracts and business structures, as well as investigation of contingencies and tax minimization


  • Real Estate Management - drafting, analysis and negotiation of specific contracts to manage real estate property (time sharing, built-to-suit, green buildings, commercial rent, and so on)


  • Planning and Land Use - development, partition, establishment of condominiums, division of land into lots and other forms of real estate occupation


  • Real Estate Development - legal advice concerning specific urban law and local construction policies


  • Real Estate Taxation - solutions to optimize taxation on real estate property and real estate business


  • Litigation - administrative and judicial real estate disputes



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