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Becoming a shareholder of a company means adhering to a set of rules partially established by the owners themselves and partially defined by law. Knowledge of such legal rules and regulations is fundamental, as the clauses defined by the parties may generate different repercussions.

B&G is largely experienced in structuring and negotiating corporate operations and we assist our clients through:


  • Consulting Services - legal opinion and advice on Corporate Law issues


  • Incorporation of Legal Entities and Branches - legal advice to incorporate a legal entity and registering branches, both in Brazil and abroad.


  • Assistance at shareholders’ meetings - representation at shareholders’ meetings


  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances - legal guidance for the constitution, operation and termination of joint ventures and strategic alliances between companies


  • Investment and Divestiture - structuring, analysis and negotiation of contracts related to joining other companies’ capital, and investment liquidation


  • Liquidation and Dissolution - legal advice and assistance in the liquidation and dissolution of business entities


  • Litigation - judicial and extrajudicial corporate disputes



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